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Men's Ministry

Deacon Family Ministry:

The Greek word for deacon is a noun that signifies a servant or a minister. Acts 6: 1 - 6 describes how seven Christian men, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, were chosen by the 1st century church to serve their fellow Christians. This ministry allowed the apostles more time to concentrate on prayer and preaching. Other qualities of deacons may be found in Timothy 3: 8 - 13.

Just as those first seven deacons were chosen as described in Acts, God has chosen each deacon at Second Baptist for a life of servanthood and ministering to our church family. The deacons are co-laborers with our pastor in caring for and ministering to the body in the name of Jesus.


 - Care for others through the Family Ministry Plan

 - Proclaim the gospel of Christ

 - Lead the church in it's mission of evangelism and descipleship

 - Promote unity and harmony among the church body

Join us this Sunday; Sunday School @ 9:30 am, Worship @ 11 am
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